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Spotlight - A-10 Thunderbolt

The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is a close air support aircraft designed for killing tanks, artillary, and personale while giving support in low altitude and tough terrain. This aircraft is the only United States Air Force aircraft designed solely for close air support of ground forces. the A-10 was built to attack assets, armored troop vehicles and other ground targets with limited air defenses. The A-10 was designed around the GAU-8 Avenger withy a rotary cannon that is the airplanes primary armament and the heaviest such cannon mounted on an aircraft. The A-10s airframe was designed for survivability, with protective measures such as 1,200 pounds (540 kg) of armor to enable the aircraft to continue flying after taking significant damage. The roar of the Thunderbolt cannon is unmistakable which instills fear and establishes air dominance.

Tank Killer close air support hellfire BGM Myrna call sign "whip tail" titanium bathtub

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rb11A-10 Thunderbolt
flight simulator x C-5 Galaxy The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a transport aircraft designed and built for heavy lift by Lockheed in the 1960s. The design initially called for an intercontinental strategic airlift with longer range and cargo capacity. The airplane has a distinctive high T-tail, 25-degree wing sweep, and four TF39 turbofan engines mounted on pylons beneath the wings. The C-5 is similar in design layout to its smaller predecessor, the C-141 Starlifter. The C-5 has a complicated history and young life and did intitially encounter problems with lift and wing strength leading to modidfications beyond the test flight phase. The C-5 features a cargo capicity of 37 m long, 4.1 m high and 5.8 m wide. The compartment can carry up to 36 pallets, aircraft (helicopters light swing wing) and vehicles of various sizes. The fore and aft doors open the full width, length and height of the cargo compartment to accomodate two-way loading and unloading. Ramps are full width at each end for loading double rows of vehicles. The C-5M is the upgraded version of the aircraft with new avioinics and flight deck giving it exteneded life well into the 2030s.
Tags:C-5 Galaxy Heavy Military Transport C-5M USAF Airlift Cargo Aid Relief Re-supply
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rb16C-5 Galaxy
B-1B Lancer The B-1B Lancer "Bone" was designed and built by Rockwell International during the 1980s as a low level penetration bomber. The B-1B began service in 1986 initially as a nuclear payload delivery system however it was converted to the role of "conventional" bomber and saw its first action in the Gulf War. The aircraft again saw combat action in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq supporting NATO forces where it was employed as an area denial bomber. The aircraft is powered by 4 GE F101-102s capable of supersonic flight with a swept wing design with modern delivery systems such as MIL-STD-1760 smart weapons interface to enable the use of precision-guided conventional weapons. The onboard computer the IBM AP-101 quite remarkably is the same as the machines built for the now retired Space Shuttle orbiter and the B-52 bomber. This aircraft will continue to serve well into the 2030s with the USAF.
Tags:B-1B Lancer Bomber Rockwell Gulf War Iraq Afghanistan IBM Nuclear Combat Simulations Bone
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rb16B-1B Lancer
F-16 Fighting Falcon The F-16 "Viper" or Fighting Falcon is a mutli role fighter, bomber and interceptor designed and developed by General Dynamics. The all weather day or night F-16 and its variants are no longer the US Air forces lead air superiority aircraft however export still continues to contracts outside the USA. The prototype F-16s were manufactured in the Fort Worth, Texas plant in late 1975 and the first F-16A rolled on the ramp in October 1976 and first flew in December that year. On 7 June 1975, the four European partners signed up for 348 aircraft at the Paris Air Show. The orders for the aircraft included 116 Belgium, 58 Denmark, 102 the Netherlands, and 72 for Norway. F-16 has a M61 Vulcan cannon and 11 mounts for weapons and electronic warfare equipment. While the airplane is in active duty in 25 natiuons it is also used by the USAF Thunderbirds which are an aerial demonstration team performing worldwide at airshows.
Tags:F-16 Viper Fighting Falcon General Dynamics electronic warfare M61 Vulcan cannon all weather bomber fsx weapons missions EMP
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rb16F-16 Fighting Falcon
Cessna 441 The Conquest 441 built by Cessna is a two-engine turbo prop aircraft developed in the 1970's. It's design features a pressureized environment and a landing gear more consistent with modern prop aircraft configuration. The Conquest is powered by two Garrett TPE331 turboprops powering two four-bladed McCauley propellers. This FSX model comes with 2-D 3-D panel, custom liveries and sounds.
Tags:Cessna Conquest 441 turboprop passenger deluxe business
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rb16Cessna Conquest
Fairchild Republic A-10 The A-10 is a single seat close air support aircraft designed and built by Fairchild Republic. Known as many different names the "Tankbuster "Warthog or "Thunderbolt" the aircraft has unique capabilities and defenses. From the initial designs of the P-47 Thunderbolt which proves a valuable asset to military campaigns acting as ground support for troops and material. The A-10 has the heaviest rotary or Gatling cannon mounted on any aircraft to date. The jets durability and strength, in particular titanium "bathtub" in which the pilots sits give this aircraft great survivability rates when under attack from the ground. The A-10 has a triple redundancy built in its flight systems mechanical systems remarkably this aircraft is designed to fly with one engine, parts of its wings missing and loss of hydraulic power to landing gear.
Tags: A-10 Warthog ground support Thunderbolt hog close air gatling cannon hellfire addons fs-x simulation JDAM
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rb16A-10 Warthog
Bombardier CRJ-900 The Bombardier CRJ-900 is a slim body commercial jet manufactured in Canada. The CRJ-900 with the introduction of the NextGen series has seating capacity at 75 passengers and up to 90 with two classes. Powered by two GE CF34 engines the aircraft can easily cruise at 450 knots with highly efficient fuel to flight ratios. Airlines flying the CRJ include Delta, Nordic and Lufthansa. The prototype CRJ-900 (C-FRJX) was initially modified from the CRJ-700 by adding longer fuselage it was later converted into the prototype CRJ-1000 by installing an even longer fuselage. The CRJ-900 finds competition with the Brazillian company Embraer which produces the EMB-175 which you can download below.
Tags: Bombardier CRJ-900 general electric Canada short-haul city hopper Aerospace Nextgen add-ons
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rb16Bombardier CRJ-900
Flight Simulator Airbus A340 The Airbus A340 designed and produced by by Airbus Industrie is similar in design to the vastly popular A320. The A340 powered by Rolls Royce engines began service in 1993 with Lufthansa but as the new century rolled around the requirements for this aircraft dwindled and the the A340 production was discontinued. It is noteworthy that until the arrival of the Boeing Triple Seven the A340 held the record for the longest duration flight time with the "World Ranger" flight that acheived around the Boeing 777-200 panel world status with only one stop. Airbus also issued subcontracts to companies in Austria, Australia, Canada, China, Greece, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, and Portugal. This flight simulator aircraft package includes all new panel, sounds, gauges, cabin and ground scenery.
Tags: Airbus A340 flight mod Rolls Royce engines ground scenery support simulation four planes PC flightsim baggage comfort
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rb17Airbus A340
Flight Simulator Boeing 777-200 The Boeing 777 holds the distinction as being the largest twin engine airliner in operation. The 777 aircraft has a range of up to nine thousand miles carrying up to 500 passengers plus crew. The development of the airliner for the first time in history involved collaboration by eight major airlines Boeing 777-200 panel All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Qantas and United Airlines. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PW4084 engines, the largest turbofan engines on any such airframe, gives the aircraft superb handling and performance. The flight deck cokpit is fully integrated fly-by-wire computerized system giving pilots greater command and control. This Flight Simulator 777-200 mod package includes model, panels, sounds and custom gauges.
Tags: download Boeing 777-200 add-on American Airlines British Cathay Pacific Airways Delta Air Lines KLM
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rb81Boeing 777-200

Flight Simulator X A320 Airbus The Airbus A320 was developed as the first of its kind fly-by-wire advanced commercial aircraft. This full aircraft FSX mod includes all new custom gauges, full 2-D and 3-D with overhead and cabin control systems. First taking flight in February 1987 other variants of the A321, A319 and A318 soon followed with extended economy class and first class seating. The latest design LEAP-X offers various engine configurations and airframe improvements with the addition of winglets. This package includes the LEAP-X configuration with either Pratt & Whitny or CFM International engines.
Tags: Airbus A320 FSX mods fly-by-wire flight simulator france package LEAP-X aviation passenger airliner
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rb12FSX Airbus A320

Flight Simulator X Mirage 2000 The Mirage 2000 manufactured by Dassault Aviation began operational service as a multi-role fighter bomber in October 1980. The Mirage 2000 is a delta-wing design with canards and features a elongated tail fin for greater control in turns and dives. The aircraft is fitted in certain variation with tail hook for carrier landing and mid-air refueling arm giving it longer mission duration and flight time. The first production model took flight in November 1982, and the aircraft went into service in November 1982. Later model aircraft were to be fitted with SARH missiles and the 'Super Atar' M-53-2 engine giving the aircraft the element of fast air-to-ground close support.
Tags: Flight Simulator X Mirage 2000 Dassault Aviation fighter bomber delta-wing supersonic military
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rb13Flight Simulator X Mirage

C-130 Hercules for FSX The Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules is an STOL military cargo transport aircraft capable of operating on rough or undeveloped runways. Many variants of the C130 followed the intial design and prototype YC-130 which first flew in August 1954. After successfully entering military service C-130s fufilled roles such as air refuleling tanker, tactical and command, gunship, search and rescue, vehicle and troop transport. After 50 years of service this workhorse earns its place among the classic and still operational airplanes like the B-52 bomber.
Tags: C-130 Hercules Lockheed Martin military FS2004 cargo usa airforce mods YC-130 air refuleling tanker gunship
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rb14FS-X C-130 Hercules

Flight Simulator A-7 Corsair Carrier Aircraft The Vought A-7 Corsair add-on is an military attack aircraft designed to deliver payloads precisely from aircraft carriers and land bases alike. The aircraft was the first to feature a HUD (heads up display) and INS(inertial navigational system). Powered by a Pratt & Whitney turbofan engine the A-7 took its maiden flight on 27 September 1965. Download this superlative addon model and add weapons from our library.
Tags: Vought A-7 Corsair military attack air-to-ground aircraft inertial navigational system HUD addon model simulator carrier navy
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rb19FSX Corsair A-7

Flight Simulator Concorde aircraft Aircraft The Concorde manufactured by Aerospatiale-BAC in Toulouse was one of a few commercial passenger aircraft capable of achieving and sustaining supersonic flight. The Concorde entered the history books on October 1st 1969 and debuted at the Paris Airshow later that year. The aircraft is a delta wing design streamlined and thin bodied powered by twin spool Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 engines. The Turbo-jets used after-burners during takeoffs and transitioning past the sound barrier. As its design called for the Concorde trimmed the trans-atlantic flight time to roughly 3 1/2 hours flying well above normal airways at 50,000+ ft. The distinctive "droop" nose allowed the pilot to increase stremlining and drag depending on the flights requirements during takeoff, landing and cruise. This aircraft runs smoothly in FS2002 and FS2004 but has been modified for Flight Simulator X as well.
Tags:Concorde Aerospatiale-BAC FS2004 FSX Paris Airshow trans-atlantic PC simulation
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rb20FS-X Concorde

Flight Simulator Twin Otter aircraft Deleuxe edition sounds panel cabin The de Havilland Canada Otter is an STOL aircraft (short takeoff and Landing) capable of enduring harsh conditions and weather often flying into areas that very few aircraft can handle. The DHC-6 can be equipped with skis, floats and tundra tires making it a truly versatile aircraft. The Otter took its maiden flight in May of 1965 and its potential was immediately apparent. The subsequent Twin Otter utilizing Pratt & Whitney turbine engines improved the durability and safety of the aircraft while retaining its STOL capabilities. The Otter is one a few aircraft with the required combined strength and durabilty to fly in the Antartic.
Tags: de Havilland Canada Twin Otter STOL aircraft short takeoff landing DHC-6 skis floats tundra bushplane
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rb4FSX Twin Otter

FSX Embraer ERJ 145 ERJ-145 aircraft add-on The Embraer ERJ 145 is a regional jet designed to carry upwards of 50 passengers, other models include the ERJ-135, ERJ-140 and the military aircraft R-99. The Brazilian company began intial designs in the early 1980s and with that began moving away from the design of the successful EMB 120. The new design included a swept wing with winglets and Rolls Royce Allison engines mounted rear and underwing. The ERJ 145 first took to the air on August 1995 with ExpressJet Airlines taking the first delivery in December 1996. Embraer entered a partnership in 2003 with the Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation of Harbin, China.
Tags: Embraer ERJ 145 regional jet commercial Brazil aircraft turbofan fsx-x fs flightsim
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rb21Embraer ERJ 145

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