History of the 206B Jet Ranger

Leonardo da Vinci is generally credited with sketching and describing a helicopter in 1483. But the helicopter, just as the airplane, required a lightweight power source, which the gasoline engine supplied. The helicopter was perfected between 1936 and 1941. Although modest flights had been made prior to this time, it was not until 1935 that a coaxial helicopter constructed by Louis Breguet and Rene Dorand in France achieved flights of sustained duration. With the perfection of the single-rotor type by Igor SIKORSKY in the United States (1939-1941), the helicopter became a practical aircraft capable of carrying a useful load and performing diverse commercial and military functions.

The legendary Bell 206B JetRanger III is simply the most succesful commercial helicopter ever built. Flying in every type of climate from the artic to the jungles, to the hottest deserts of the worlds. The 206 has accepted, accomplished more missions, has flown more hours and has set (and broken) more industry records than any other aircraft in the world.

Not only is the multipurpose JetRanger III the world's most popular commercial helicopter, it is also the industry standard for safety. Seats five. Maximum speed 115 kts, 132 mph, 213 kph. Range (sea level): 365 nm, 676 km.

Missions may vary from record breaking flight around the world to V.I.P. travel, construction, airborne law enforcement(police), electronic newsgathering, military missions or scenic tours, This aircraft does it all while comfortable seating five with room for baggage and other gear.

The JetRanger III also features the lowest operating cost in its class and the highest resale value of any helicopter.

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Modified Canadian Jet Ranger

206B technical
FAA Normal Gross Weight
IGE Hovering Ceiling (0.6 M skid height)

Maximum Allowable IAS (1524 M)
Allison 250-C20J

Maximum Fuel Capacity344 Liters
Maximum External Load1500lbs
Maximum Range435 Miles
Hovering ceiling
Certified ceiling
Basic Dimensions
Overall Length
Tail Height

28.3 ft

Download .pdf owners manual!!