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FS2004 archives
Of the thousands of add-ons in the library we are starting to open up certain directories for browsing and downloading.

Get the latest mods for flight simulator at the HQ. New aircraft and scenery of the highest quality including FLight Deck assault ships and aircraft carriers.

FS candian scenery Toronto, Vancouver
Canadian scenery for FSX and FS2004 including Toronto and Vancouver Intl. airports.

FS weapons for FSX, 2004 and 2002
Download and install weapons mods for your simulation including Sidewinder, Sparrow, AMRAM, JDAM, Vulcun rockets, gatling gun and browning cannons.

FS helicopters, EC135 and Westland Wessex
FS9 helicopters including the EC135 and Westland Wessex.

Boeing 757-200 and 777-200 McDonnell Douglas MD-90 McDonnell Douglas DC-10
Aircraft downloads for fs2004 including Boeing 757-200 and 777-200, McDonnell Douglas MD-90, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and the AH-1 Cobra.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook, BD-5, c-150, Taylor custom
FS-x helicopters including Boeing CH-47 Chinook, BD-5, c-150, Taylor custom.

Bombardier Learjet 60, Savannah Ultralight, F-100, CH-47, Seafire mk47, Cessna 206H
Download flight simulator X addons including Bombardier Learjet 60, Savannah Ultralight, F-100, CH-47, Spitfire. Seafire mk47, Cessna 206H Stationair.

CFS 2 updates
CFS 2 updates for ships, missions, helos, and weapons.

Flight Simulator Airport scenery
Scenery for Flight simulator including European, North American, Asian and Australian International airports

Flight Simulator X Archive 1
Various aircraft from the archives for FSX.

Combat Flight Simulator 2
Combat Flight Simulator 2 scenery, warbirds, weapons, panels and missions.

Flight Simulator Airport Charts
Hundreds of Airport aerodrome charts. Airport information delivery, approach, transition, runways, taxiways frequencies

FSX Missions
Archives of FSX mission and adventure mods

FSX/FS2004 Boeing 787 Dreamliner
New FSX commercial airliners like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Yak-42.

Hangar 3
Planesimulation Hangar system includes news, links and downloads for all Microsoft Flight Simulators.

Hangar 2
Peruse tidbits from all over the world regarding your flight simulation hobby.

Hangar 1
Read and link to the latest simulation news articles including FS and non FS treats such as Lunar Lander 3D.

Front page
Front Page packages, including the newest Planesimulation Gulf War scenery and latest FS-X mods.

FSX mods
Jets, helicopters, classic warbirds, navy, army, air force and close support aircraft.

Tools and tweaks for FSX
Download tools, tweaks, modifications, textures, checklists and much more for FSX!

A century of flight - Most Popular
A Century of Flight top files
Check out the most downloaded files for a Century Of Flight over the last two years.

FSX - FS tips and tricks
Microsoft FSX - Flight Simulation
Check out articles with tips and tricks for customizing FSX.

Operation Tombstone - Syria
SP22 - Operation Tombstone
New in the series of Iraq, Iran, Syria war sceneries is the all encompassing "Operation Tombstone" for Wild, Wild West. This package combines all three elements in a war simulation. Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army units combine to take towns of Eastern Syria. Includes WASP and Harpers Ferry Class Amphibious warships and docking ships.

Tobago Airport
FS2004 scenery - Trinidad and Tobago
This scenery designed entirely with GMAX offers the latest in respective technologies and FX enhancements. Trinidad and Tobago for FS2004 includes AI files customized to the airport and it's unique configuration. Above all this scenery makes for a delightful landing across the beach!!

Iran Bushehr nuclear facility
FSACOF Gulf 2 - Iran, Bushehr
Planesimulation's Gulf 2 package involves Navy, Marines and Air Force elements. Two Navy/Marines amphibious assault ships constructed in GMAX lie offshore while F-16s and F-15s from Al Uedied fly sorties over the target area. A-10 warthogs support the beach head while LCACs offload soldiers and equipment. The nuclear reactors at Bushehr are situated south of Bushehr proper and are the target of U.S. special forces.

Canada's F-105 Avro Arrow
FS9 - CF-105 Avro Arrow
The CF-105 by Avro was one of the fastest, modern and agile fighter aircraft developed in it's time only to be scrapped by the Canadian government before it saw service.

Navy jets
Classic Navy, Army and Marine close support, fighters, helicopters and bombers.

Flightsim panels
Download panels, cockpits, and gauges to spruce up any default or add-on vehicle in your menu.

Cargo planes
Add the C-5 Galaxy to your FSACOF library.

FSACOF updates
Updated GMAX designed FS9 scenery.

FSDS2 and 3 designed models
Download FSDS designed models for flight simulations.

Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck
Planesimulation has released the Aircraft Carrier Marines Flight Deck for FSACOF and FSX. Practice your skills as a helicopter or VTOL pilot with 2 Wasp class vessels situated in the Gulf. Each scenery includes moving dynamic models including Uh-60 Pavehawks and Blackhawks, A-10's, F-16's and the infamous ship to shore LCAC.

Airbase Diego Garcia
Preview and download Planesimulation's scenery package for Diego Garcia. This scenery was one of the sceneries at Planesimulation designed with both 2002, 2004 and FSX simulators in mind.

Flightsim Commercial jets
One of the most enjoyable aspects of Flight Simulation from Microsoft is the ability to add vehicles to the stock jets, helicopters and props that come with the program.

FSACOF- Military Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
The F-22 Raptor fills the future role of the next-generation air superiority fighter. It's stealth, low-observable, highly maneuverable airframe plus it's ability to achieve super-sonic speed without afterburner makes this military jet the most advanced fighter/interceptor in the world.

Flight Simulation - user submitted links
View new and old links from our archive.

Flight Simulator combat apps and mods
Combat apps and mods for flight simulator.

Download navy, army, air force, marines, air/sea rescue helicopters.

New FS models in gmax
Download the latest FS GMAX models. New models include full moving/animated parts/ alpha channel textures, alpha channel textures, low mip counts, low poly count models for AI use and much more.

FS9 utilities
A selection of utilities, tools and tweaks that can vastly improve your simming experience. Try changing the default look of the moon, sun and stars in FS9.

Amphibious flight deck
The WASP class assault vessel (LHD) enables and continues the American Armed forces domination in amphibious warfare technology. They include some of the most sophisticated electronics and digital systems found on any Navy ship. The naming of these ships "WASP" dates from times of the American Revolution and a proud tradition within the armed forces of continuing naval excellence and honor. These ships designed for FSX, FS2004 and FS2002 are specifically designed to accommodate the LCAC (see below) and the AV-8B Harrier jump jet in addition to a larger complement of helicopters including the AH-1W "SuperCobra attack helicopter", the 12 CH-46 "Sea Knight" helicopter, the CH-53 "Sea Stallion" helicopter, the UH-1N "Huey" helicopter, or conversely the MH-60G "Pavehawk". Construction of the ships of the class "WASP" continue at Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Miss.

Hovercraft - LCAC
A very unique model for FS9 of a very cool and useful machine, the LCAC. The LCAC serves to transport heavy vehicles, troops and equipment in large numbers of up to 75 tons to landing zones suitable for hovercraft - which is 70% of the earth's coastlines! These transports (ship to shore, shore to ship) are conducted in a way that resembles the launching of aircraft from a carrier deck and the LCAC for the pilot is much like an airplane in many striking ways.

FS Military Vehicles
Our missions scenery and campaigns are unique and only available here. Download GMAX vehicles with working weapons!!

Editor picked best add ons
Including add-ons MD-80 panel, combat flight simulator,CFS 2 DeHavilland Mosquito, Las Vegas and the Dornier 328.

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